Mini 3d – Outside Snowy Scene (herkansing)

Mini 3d – Outside Snowy Scene

Winter is beautiful isn’t it? but can be very rude! So, let’s celebrate Winter in this Environment Mini Challenge on GameArtisans. The purpose is to catch the feeling of winter (by night or day) and to put an interesting piece of artwork in it.
It can be an isolated snowy safeplace (like a cabin, a church,etc) or something more creepy (like a cavern/crypt entrance for example)

Rules :

  • The scene should take place outside.
  • Concentrate on a composition and a mood/lighting that enhance your “center of interest”. Your Center of interest can be a building, an object, or an other special area (a fireplace, a cavern, a frozen cascade, a bridge, etc…).
  • Your scene can be created in any style and it can be shown within any time period – realistic, futuristic, medieval, fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, etc…
  • Characters, dead bodies, animals, creatures and insects are not allowed. Statues are ok, but not as a center of interest.

The specs are:

  • Polycount: 3 000 triangles (You have UP to 3k triangles, this doesn’t mean you have to use them all. A well optimized scene always earns respect!)
  • Textures: 1024×1024 diffuse/alpha/glow (specular may be used, but it’s optional. no normal map!) (you can’t break the texture in smaller parts)
  • Background: a flat color or a gradient (skybox may be used, but it’s optional)
  • Lighting: you can use a lightmap, simple lights or fake the lighting directly in you diffuse.

The submission:
– Your final submission should be in the form of a single image. This image should show the best angle of your environment. You can also add extra images (wireframe, sketches, etc…)

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