Head Modeling by Hatice Bayramoglu

Head Modeling by Hatice Bayramoglu Web: www.3d2dizayn.com
This tutorial will describe how I modeled my character from a sketch. I will not go into details, assuming that reader has some basic knowledge of modeling in any 3dsoftware. The method I used here is edge loop modeling.Let’s begin Modeling process

1. Start with a plane. Select one of the edge, wth edge selected hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard and move the edge to the right.

We are not modeling just from a viewport, don’t forget to check the model from all viewports.

Select the edge according to the picture then extrude.

2. Extrude edges in front viewport, move and scale edges so they match the image.

3. Select the neck edges according to the picture and select vertices, then choose weld.

Extrude the edge and reposition vertices..

4. Keep doing modeling as you see on the screenshots
5. Now  start modeling the ear. With selected edges, extrude and reposition the vertices..

6 Attach the ear to the head and weld the vertices.

7. Select the edges near the nose according to the picture and then extrude.

8. Weld the selected vertices.

Then choose a polygon on your model and copy with Shift.

move the edge in perspective viewport and reposition vertices..

Choose border than cap and extrude inside

Select the vertices on front viewport then move slightly to the right.

Try modeling the nose correctly. Control the bottom edges

Select the edge and move it  along x axis.

8. Now model the mouth. Dont forget with the same method.

Select  two vertices, then choose connect.

Correct the vertices as you see below.

Try to make  the upper lip edges curved.

Your mouth model should look like this.

9. Choose border and move the edge along Y direction. And move vertices until you got a rough shape for the eye area.

Start tweaking until it looks like what you want. Ty to give it’s real form.

Finally our character finished. That’s it! Hope you found it helpful. Please email me your suggestions and queries.